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Nuevo parche de la 1.2.8

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Nuevo parche de la 1.2.8 Empty Nuevo parche de la 1.2.8

Mensaje por RUSH el Miér Mayo 14, 2014 3:16 am

DCS Change Log
DCS World

TF-51: External lights fixed.
Su-25T: Fixed crash when gunpods jettisoned.
Fixed crash related to Saitek FFB drivers.
Module Manager: F-15C entry fixed.
Fixed: player get lost if exit to spectators from stationary aircraft in some conditions.
Fixed trimmer FFB behaviour with MS Sidewinder/Win8 and Logitech G940

DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3

F-15C: Corrected logic of Air Refuel "READY" Light.
Su-27/33: Fixed some cockpit model and texture glitches.
Su-27/33: Fixed desired course indicator on HSI.


Added quick start missions in DE version.


Flares deploy button on the left front dash added.
UV-26 Change dispensing board command fixed.

Combined Arms

Skill for player’s controlled units set to “HIGH”.
SAM will not tracking targets on F10 view after radar emission is OFF (reduced time for contact loss).
Command panel disabled for JTAC role.
Fixed few bugs with routes/targets visibility on F10 view.

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