104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron

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104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron

Mensaje por AlemaN el Miér Mayo 27, 2015 12:41 am

Welcome to home of the 104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron

“Vivo morte refecta mea”

The 104th Phoenix VFBS is the home of the world’s most active international virtual fighter bomber squadron. Formed in March of 2006 by Ed “Manawar” Green and Paul “PoleCat” Johnston, the Phoenix has winged its way into history!
The 104th was built on the foundations of three important pillars “Honor, Excellence, and Integrity”. Every member is thoroughly tested to reflect these qualities before ever putting on the highly respected and honored tag of the 104th! We demand the highest standards of our officers emphasizing a high quality personality, strong piloting skill-sets and sense of fair play. Unlike most other squadrons, the 104th is strongly versed in all the aircraft that DCS has to offer. However, when it’s time to get to business you will find us flying one of the most highly decorated jet fighters ever in to fly in military service. The McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) F15-C Eagle .

LINK==> 104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron <==LINK

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